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Eko Clean Melbourne


EKO CLEAN Melbourne is the best and very reasonable cleaning company in your area, providing the professional cleaners that make your environment Clean and Healthy.


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning refers to clean your place at the end of year. In this busy world you may not be able to clean up more often but there will have to be a time in a year when you need to declutter and clean up your space to feel happy and burden free.
If you worry about the spring cleaning cost, you don’t need to worry because Eko Clean Australia proved the cheapest spring cleaning services in Sydney and different Cities in Australia.

Spring is a season in which every seed is on its full blossom so why not your home and office.

In this busy world you may not be able to clean up more often but there will have to be a time in a year when you need to declutter and clean up your space to feel happy and burden free.

So, we introduce to you our Spring-cleaning service that can better match to your commercial and domestic cleaning needs.


Cleaning thoroughly:
In spring cleaning section, we offer our professional and most experienced worker at your place to declutter and clean up your place thoroughly in very reasonable prices in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Most days of the year we clean up in a rush and do not have time to clean out ignorant parts of the house like window cleaning, Exit cleaning, Solar panel cleaning, Cabinet cleaning, High rise windows cleaning, Bathroom and Bedroom decluttering best price. Spring is the season to do that in a yearly basis.

We Are Professionals
If you are too busy to handle the spring cleaning at your place let us have you the services of most professional and experienced workers to perform the duty of cleaning at your place in Adelaide.

So, hiring a professional will not only keep you burden free but also make the place manageable professionally. We will provide you our best cleaning service in domestic and commercial level with best price. You will be satisfied with your experience with us.

Areas to cover:
In spring cleaning, we offer following services.

  • Full House cleaning.
  • Regular cleaning.
  • Windows cleaning.
  • Linen and Carpet cleaning.
  • Cabinets and Exits Cleaning.
  • Solar panel cleaning.
  • Technical accessories cleaning.
  • Dry Cleaners Adelaide

    Except from above mentioned areas you can also make a special request for some cleaning areas.

Why us:
As we are the only commercial and domestic cleaners that can provide you best full place & Solar panel cleaning services in Adelaide with best price.

The most important reason to select us is that we use ECO friendly natural products that cannot have harmful chemicals to ruin your health. As we care about you and family more than our business. Feel free to contact us for any other queries. We warmly welcome your concerns and questions.

How We Work

Our company has a proven track record of thousands of successful bond cleans that have been approved by the property manager without a need for a re-clean.

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Contact Us

One-off, weekly or fortnightly visits
Vetted & background-checked cleaners

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The Cleaning

Online booking and payment
Keep the same cleaner for every visit

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Service Guarantee

All cleaning materials and equipment
100% satisfaction guarantee


Our head office is located in Melbourne, yet we deliver services all around Melbourne. No matter where you live – Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. We are just a call away!