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Eko Clean Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning

EKO CLEAN Melbourne is the best and very reasonable cleaning company in your area, providing the professional cleaners that make your environment Clean and Healthy.


Carpet Cleaning

EKO Clean Australia is one of well renowned and respectful Brand in Domestic Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Retail Cleaning who are having specialty to deal with Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide & Melbourne. Carpet Cleaning Is one of our major specialty in Adelaide.

We are only Carpet Cleaning Company in Adelaide Who offer the services to the customers every day of week even cleaning services on Saturdays & Sundays.

We are offering very attractive deals for our carpet cleaning customers even 30% Discount for all customers for any day &time. Carpet cleaning in Adelaide could be challenging but our Price is very cheap and economical to serve our privileged customers.

We accept the bookings prior to even only 24 Hours. So, you can call us anytime and get the cleaning job done by our professional cleaners and maids.

EKO Clean in Melbourne, Australia provides special steam cleaning for carpets in living rooms, bedrooms and stairs in affordable prices. We also offer special steam cleaning which is environment friendly cleaning for sofas or couches. For Special EKO Clean Australia Steam Cleaning you need special equipment, a steam generator, which allows high-quality processing of the fabric, professional cleaning products.


EKO Clean Australia is a cleaning company dedicated to delivering integral cleaning solutions to households and offices. We believe that a good presentation of cleaning services represents an efficient and responsible integral service to the client.

Stubborn Stains Cleaning
EKO Cleaning Australia is very much specialized to deal with stubborn stains on carpets & sofas by their extremely effective steam cleaning system.

We try to remove all stains of tea, coffee, soft drinks, Chocolate and all kids of spills by you and your children.

Good quality carpets are one of the most long-term investments in our homes. Regular cleaning of carpets contributes not only to improving the health and well-being of household members but also to increase the lifetime of this investment. To Look after your investment in shape of carpet and sofa you need a good carrier or cleaner or maid in Adelaide and. We assure you that EKO Clean Australia is best cleaner and best maid provider in Adelaide in best price.

Contaminants Cleaning
Eko clean Australia is an expert cleaner in Adelaide to deal with such contamination cleaning issues. Carpets and upholstered furniture look dirty and spoil the look of the interior? Cannot wash stubborn dirt with conventional means? To give the furniture and carpets the same look, you need to perform a professional dry cleaning. Our company specializes in such works for more than ten years! Thanks to the professionalism of our employees and the best equipment, we will remove all the pollution, and your furniture and carpets will look like new!

Spots Cleaning
EKO Clean Australia is best to remove difficult spots. As spot appeared on your carpet that is not rubbed off. Or a child, painted with felt-tip pens on a chair? For our employees, such tasks are not a problem! Thanks to the professional stain remover lineup, any contamination, whether it is a stain from wine, blood, coffee, ink, gum, dog or cat tracks, we will deduce exceptionally carefully! Do not risk spoiling things using household tools – contact your reliable cleaner Eko Clean Australia in Adelaide and Melbourne.

EKO Clean Australia is a cleaning services company in Adelaide which is trusted by thousands of customers since its birth. You don’t hesitate to call us for any domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, end of lease cleaning, bond refund cleaning, maids in Adelaide and Melbourne. For Customers please call us 1300 356 000 to have a discount of 30% to avail discounted and cheap cleaning services.

How We Work

Our company has a proven track record of thousands of successful bond cleans that have been approved by the property manager without a need for a re-clean.

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One-off, weekly or fortnightly visits
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The Cleaning

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Service Guarantee

All cleaning materials and equipment
100% satisfaction guarantee


Our head office is located in Melbourne, yet we deliver services all around Melbourne. No matter where you live – Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. We are just a call away!